Fabre’s speeches at SAIE 2020 “Riparti Italia”

The SAIE 2020 edition, with the payoff “Riparti Italia”, adapts to the period we are going through: concepts and formats designed to measure for companies determined to maintain a direct connection with the market. A new and positive opportunity for networking, business and visibility for our entire community.

The new Guidelines on the Risk Classification of Bridges
(October 14, 2020)

The multi-level approach to classification, verification and surveillance of existing bridges.
A new concept in bridge classification.
Walter Salvatore, University of Pisa

Examples of accurate evaluation of existing bridges (PDF)
Andrea Dall’Asta, University of Camerino
Carlo Pellegrino, University of Padua

Surveillance and monitoring of existing bridges (PDF)
Filippo Ubertini, University of Perugia

The guidelines for existing bridges: applications, road and motorway networks
(October 16, 2020)

Application of the Guidelines: the case of the Province of Caserta (PDF)
Gianfranco De Matteis, University of Campania

The special inspections on the bridges of c.a.p. sliding cables: methodology and applications
Walter Salvatore, University of Pisa