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FABRE Press Release

20 gennaio 2022FABRE website - Press Office of the University of PerugiaSOLIB, a UNIPG project for the monitoring and maintenance of motorway bridges, was awarded
11 settembre 2021Il GazzettinoViaduct safety entrusted to software developed by the University of Padua. It will allow you to monitor them with one click.
30 agosto 2021PadovaOggi.itThe best minds in engineering gathered in Padua for Eurostruct 2021
6 agosto 2021FABRE website“Mille Infrastrutture” was born, a network of companies for the monitoring and security of infrastructures
5 agosto 2021LeonardoLeonardo joins "Mille Infrastrutture - Rete d'imprese" to develop projects dedicated to monitoring critical infrastructures
15 luglio 2021Ingenio-web.itOver 70 million euros for the census, safety check and monitoring of bridges and viaducts in Calabria
14 luglio 2021Gazzetta del Sud onlineThe census of bridges and viaducts is underway. Calabria launches an innovative project
13 luglio 2021Gazzetta del Sud onlineSafety of bridges and viaducts in Calabria. Catalfamo presents the project: First in Italy
28 giugno 2021FABRE website - Le StradeExperimental Methodologies - Special inspections on post-tensioned cable bridges
9 giugno 2021TGR Veneto No bridge at risk of collapse. Good news from Veneto Strade
3 agosto 2020Radio24Ma cos'è questa estate - Radio24 (AUDIO)
28 luglio 2020Il Giornale della Protezione CivileFabre is born, the alliance of universities for the safety of bridges
28 luglio 2020Industria ItalianaFabre, the infrastructure security consortium
28 luglio 2020Corriere dell'EconomiaThe safety of viaducts in Italy also passes through the University of Perugia
28 luglio 2020Automoto.itFabre, for the safety of bridges and viaducts
27 luglio 2020MESSINATODAYSafety of bridges and viaducts, Unime joins the Fabre Consortium
25 luglio 2020PADOVAOGGIFor the monitoring of bridges and viaducts: the University of Padua also joins the Fabre Consortium
23 luglio 2020QuiFinanza.itThe Fabre Consortium is born for the safety of bridges and viaducts

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