SOLIB, a UNIPG project for the monitoring and maintenance of motorway bridges, was awarded

The SOLIB – Software for LIfe-cycle costing of Bringes project, coordinated by Professor Ilaria Venanzi, of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA) of the University of Perugia, was among the winners of the competition for innovative design ideas promoted by the ‘Argo Innovation Lab, the MOVYON and ELIS Innovation Hub program created with the aim of generating research and development opportunities between MOVYON (Autostrade per l’Italia group) and the best excellences of the Italian research system.

The SOLIB project will allow the creation of software for analyzing the life cycle cost of road bridges equipped with instrumental control systems, so as to ensure optimal management of the economic resources to be invested in monitoring and maintaining the bridges themselves.

The project proposal of the University of Perugia is one of 6 projects selected for funding among the more than 50 presented, at national level, by universities and research centers of excellence. Indeed, Argo Innovation hub stimulates research centres, university spin-offs, start-ups and researchers to discuss and propose innovative solutions to be applied to the infrastructures managed by Autostrade per l’Italia.

The SOLIB project, coordinated by Professor Venanzi, also sees the involvement of Prof. Filippo Ubertini and the other DICA researchers active in the research of the Fabre Interuniversity Consortium, a consortium whose objective is the risk assessment and monitoring of the bridges of the Italian motorway network.

Source: Press Office of the University of Perugia