Inspicio, the first Italian software for the management of “LLGG Ponti”

It was developed by FABRE, in collaboration with Geckosoft, the first national software for the management of levels 0 (census), 1 (inspection) and 2 (assessment of the attention class) required by the LLGG bridges and related operating instructions.
The software, called INSPICIO, makes it possible to automate the entire process which goes from the phase of essential knowledge of the work, up to the preliminary assessment of the various risk categories, passing through the visual inspection and the analysis of the defects carried out in the field.
The software will now be tested in the context of the numerous scientific collaborations that FABRE has in progress and aimed at testing the MIMS bridge guidelines, including those with ANAS SpA, CAV, the Calabria Region, the Metropolitan City of Messina and the Province of Perugia.