The surveys on the bridges of the flooded areas in the Misa and Nevola valleys

The FABRE Consortium, which includes the University of Camerino and the Polytechnic University of the Marches, has launched a study to understand the bridge collapse phenomena that occurred following the flood last September, involving a part relevant to the Marche region.

An initial inspection took place on Wednesday 19 October 2022 during which a series of field surveys were carried out. A group of UniCAM researchers, led by prof. Andrea Dall’Asta, and researchers from UnivPM, led by prof. Fabrizio Gara, together with Eng. Stefano Stefoni of the Civil Protection Directorate-Marche Region. The interdisciplinary working group includes researchers from different areas and intends to analyze the problem under multiple aspects, such as structural, geotechnical and hydraulic. This first day of field surveys focused on the areas affected by the flooding of the Misa and Nevola.

The goal is to identify the main criticalities of the infrastructure in our area and provide useful information for planning more effective risk mitigation actions. In the future we will have to deal more and more with extreme weather events and it is therefore important to create synergies between the academic world and institutions to identify short and long-term paths and programs that allow us to face critical situations with a higher level of safety.